Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Randomizer

Download version 0.66

Modifies the original TMNT NES rom to shuffle entrances, change enemy sets, alter damage values, and more!

The randomizer is still in alpha, so if you encounter any bugs or issues, please message me on twitter with the seed number and flags.

Changelog v0.6 > v0.66

  • New Features
    • Random Boss Health
    • Random Boss Damage
    • Lower dam timer
    • Improved pool randomization methods
  • Bug Fixes
    • Properly set 3-K, 4-1, and 4-14 as one way tunnels

Important things to know that might not be obvious:

  • There are a nice set of maps available here
  • The Technodrome is connected to a tunnel set by the randomizer, and cannot be manipulated in game, even if the option is set to "Random." Random means that the tunnel is set randomly by the randomizer, but will be consistent for anyone playing the generated rom. The other options refer to the original locations of each tunnel and do not guarantee those tunnels will be placed the same in the generated rom.
  • Rope skips are not required to progress, but Go Ninja allows you to jump over all of them anyway.
  • Continues increased from 2 to 254.
  • Respawn locations have been added to handle the altered layout. Determining what respawn location is used is done by a priority system that favors putting you back toward traditional start and away from the traditional boss location. It is still possible for falls/deaths to warp you forward toward the new boss location.
  • If you are using Go Ninja mode, you may be unable to line up in the usual positions for ceiling/platform clips, but the increased speed should allow you to clip from further out.
  • In the first level, tunnel B (as labeled on the above maps) can be used to traverse from the left section to right section by entering and immediately exiting. This can be required to find the boss area.
  • Level 3 needs a minimum of 11 missiles to open all barricaded areas. You can perform a glitch to double missile pickups by scrolling the pickup as far off screen as possible without it disappearing and then picking it up